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Standard Specification

Standard Boat Price:

17500.00 Including VAT at 20%


RCD Category "C"


GRP Hull and Deck (White/Manilla)
Expanded foam buoyancy
First quality hardwood trim
Sitka spruce spars
Suit of terylene sails with hanked jib
Synthetic cordage
Brass strip from stemhead to keel including winch eye
Bronze stemhead fitting
Bronze cleats
Bronze fairleads
Laminated tiller with bronze tiller head
Aft Locker hatch
Bilge pump fitted
1 Pair of Bronze rowlock sockets
Galvanised centreplate

Galvanised kick-up rudder


Vital Statistics:


Length Overall:

6.63m (21ft 9in)

Waterline Length:

5.50m (18ft 0in)


2.00m (6ft 7in)

Draft (Centre Plate Up):

0.30m (1ft 0in)

Draft (Centre Plate Down):

1.27m (4ft 2in)

Weight (Complete):

500Kg (748Ibs)


Sail Areas



5.20m2 (56 Sq Ft)


8.73m2 (94 Sq Ft)


2.04m2 (22 Sq Ft)


15.97m2 (172 Sq Ft)



The Longboat is light and elegant and can be sailed with ease and agility.

She is 6.63m (21ft.9") in length. With its clinker style construction, a feature of all our boats adds rigidity to the hull , as well as good looks.


Fully rigged, there's 15.97 sq mtrs (172sq ft ) of sail to power the boat through the water.
A 6hp out board motor is recommended to use when the wind drops. The Longboat is roomy and stable enough for fishing expeditions. With a shallow draft, kick up rudder and steel reinforced stem, she is the ideal boat to explore coves and backwaters with alacrity.


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