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Standard Specification

Standard Boat Price:

11450.00 Including VAT at 20%


RCD Category "C"

GRP Hull, Deck (White/Manilla)
Expanded foam buoyancy
First quality hardwood trim
Wooden rudder
Ash lifting tiller
Terylene main sail
Sitka spruce spars
Synthetic cordage
Bronze cleat
1 Pair Bronze fairleads
1 Pair Bronze rowlock sockets

Vital Statistics:


Length Overall:

4.50m (14ft 9in)

Waterline Length:

3.75m (12ft 3in)


1.75m (5ft 9in)

Draft (Centre Plate Up):

0.37m (1ft 3in)

Draft (Centre Plate Down):

1.22m (4ft 0in)

Weight (Complete):

210Kg (748Ibs)


Sail Areas



9.30m2 (100 Sq Ft)


9.30m2 (100 Sq Ft)



The Scaffie is fast and full of adventure and is just as capable as the bigger boats.


The Scaffie is built to the same proud standards of craftsmanship evident in all our craft. The single standing lug-sail loose is footed for safety and simplicity, it gives the Scaffie a really brisk performance.


A 2-3 hp outboard is all you will need to drive this boat along. The Scaffie makes an excellent rowing boat, and is light to pull and easy to hold on course. An optional sloop rig is also available. Though only 4.5 m ( 14ft.9" ) overall, the Scaffie is quite roomy, because there is no centre-plate to fill up the cockpit.


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Watercraft magazine wrote a very good article on the Devon Scaffie. The article may be downloaded here (click on icon)












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